Land of the Free Home of the Brave - 9.25x8.2

Land of the Free Home of the Brave - 9.25x8.2

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This sublimation transfer is meant to go on shirts, pillow cases, bags, blankets, mugs, tumblers, etc. Please make sure the item you are putting it on is meant for sublimation. And make sure you measure your item to make sure you order the right size transfer.

These transfers are ready to press. They must be applied using a heat press to make sure you get good and even pressure. An iron or easy press is not recommended. The heat press needs to be 385-400 degrees and under medium pressure for 60 seconds.

Sublimation dye adheres best to polyester items. If you are using a shirt you want to have at least 50% poly which can give a more faded vintage look. To get more vibrant colors you want to use 100% poly.

You will want to use items that are white or a light color. The image is dyed into the material so if you use a darker color you will not see the image, but you can do a bleached design on a shirt to be able to see the image and using heather colors are best. These transfers do not print white so anywhere on the image that is white will not show up and it will be whatever color the shirt is.

Since the image is dyed into the shirt you cannot feel the image. It is not vinyl so it will never crack or peel off. This will be a permanent design.

The colors may vary on the screen compared to in person. The image might look dull on the transfer but will be vibrant once you use the heat press and put it on the item.

All measurements are an estimate and will be sized accordingly to the image.

If you want to discuss a custom design please message me on here or one of my social media pages and we can go over details. There are no returns on sublimation transfers.